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People invest their savings in firearm manufacturers and retailers raking in billions in handgun, assault rifle, and ammunition sales. Most don’t even know it. We don’t need to profit from violence when we're investing in our retirement accounts. From non-profit As You Sow, Gun Free Funds is made for people looking to align their investments with their values by moving money out of companies that make and sell guns.

With a gun free action toolkit to answer questions like how to ask your employer to provide gun free 401(k) investment options, Gun Free Funds shows you gun investments that may be hidden inside the mutual funds you own. It’s your choice - take control and make sure your investments are not profiting from “blood money.”

How to make your investments match your values
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Search for mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by name, ticker, or asset manager. Our database covers 3,000 stock funds available in the U.S.
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See your results. For each fund, we track investments in companies that manufacture or retail firearms and ammunition for the civilian market, as well as a range of other environmental and social risks.
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Look for cleaner options. Sort and compare to find funds that fit your investing needs.
Gun manufacturers and retailers

If you own mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs), there’s a good chance that you own shares of gun manufacturers and gun retailers profiting from the bloodshed of mass shootings and gun violence.

Find sustainably-invested mutual funds and ETFs

Search for funds from your 401(k), retirement plan, or personal portfolio
Index funds
Passively managed investment funds that track market indexes have seen significant fund inflows over the past decade. These indexes, from firms like from S&P Global Ratings, Russell/FTSE, and MSCI, are increasingly setting our economy on autopilot and pumping capital into unsustainable business models. Below are the civilian firearms grades for 10 common index funds.
IndexRated asCivilian firearms grade
Russell 1000IWBD
Russell 2000IWMD
Russell 3000IWVD
Russell Top 200IWLD
MSCI Emerging MarketsEEMA
Target date funds
Target date funds are groups of funds, where each fund in the series targets a different mix of stocks and bonds for investors with different retirement time horizons. The default option in employer-offered retirement plans is often a target date fund series. Below are 20 of the largest target date fund series, rated using the 2050 fund.

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